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I just realized, my last entry was from March!! ...
So, a lot has happened. I worked literally the WHOLE summer. The hottest time also... But it was okay, all for gr8 causes. For University, mainly. And I got in, which is THE BEST news, I hope for all!! ;D So, I'm oficially a student of HafenCity University in Hamburg now. Urban planning, here I come:)
I also met some new ppl in the time and a there are a lot of new emotions in my life at the moment. Writing from HOME at the time being... And my home is actually in Estonia. Well, difficult to explain, but I'm Estonian-German in that way:P Feels great to be here again after A YEAR. Never been away for so long before. But at wednesday, it will go back to Hamburg, and from 4/10 my studies begin:) I'm very excited! And happy I accomplished sth like that!;)

Photography... Well I haven't honestly been that active lately... I don't know... I've lost a bit of passion in paperwork and stress I guess. But I will have City-Photography in my studies also, so I'm already happy about the courses I'll be taking:) And now, being at home and discovering myself bit by bit again... I actually AM shooting more and more again, seeing the beauty in little things in life and capturing them as often as I can! :)

I hope I won't be a stranger;)
hugs and kisses, Kristi:*
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i've been away for almost 2 months now... Oo...

well, i must say. A LOT has happened, I was actually in London for a week! Gonna load some pics up from there, too... But a bit shi*ty things also.. What can I say. Life? Right?..

Now I'm back again though, and going to be more active again:)
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i havent already been here for a week and it will be another week that im busy with everything else.. read: universities and paperstuff. So we will see each other again in a week or so;)

greetings from Hamburg!:)
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I'm so lucky, I got featured again!! I mean I love it that others like my work! thank u thank u thank u!!!

Been busy with fashion and universities the last weeks, and I forgot my cams recharger at my ex's^^ yeah, that means... That I'll load the new pics up when I get in touch with him again;)

haut rein^^
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The snow is melting and so are my worries^^ Finally getting the hang of everything in my life:) And that's very good news!
So, figured out what I'll study and it will have partly stuff going on with photography, so I'm glad, I don't have to turn it down entirely!;)

Hm, I'm not a dA addict any more, I mean, not that much, but it can be that I'll become one again^^ But yeah, trying to  chill my last months as a nothing-doer (okay I work but it's not a hard work!:D) and enjoy the silence coming with it. And the parties on the week-ends!;)

Have fun!^^…

thanks, was a gr8 b-day present:)

And thank you everyone for ur best wishes! Overall 111 ppl congratulated! *happy*

Didn't know I had so many friends;) haha

But thank you, appreciate it alot!! <3 :D

xoxo Grüni
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So, it's my 20th birthday today and I'm gonna party!;)
Party with me!:D

Thanks for all who knew to congratulate me and thanks for all the help during this painful year, this one will be just great! I'm positive about that!!!

Love, Grüni:*

I got tagged by mischief-madness

Rules :
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

10 Facts->Me.

1. i live in Germany but I'm an Estonian
2. I'm addicted to music, friends and parties
3. im a brunnette with green-brown eyes
4. the boy i like doesn't deserve me and I'm being too good to him
5. I LOVE dancing
6. I hate plums
7. when im older, I want to have a nice vacation with white sand and an umbrella in my drink
8. i like graffities
9. I LOVE my home
10. i love electo-sounds

So I tag:
Finally it's all starting to make sense, what I'm doing. My life, my feelings, my suffering, everything! Finally finally finally. And it's a gr8 relief! Really, I was so jammed knowing nothing about how I should go on in my life, should I study, work, go back home?... Everything was so blurry and bland.. I just didn't know where to start ... I didn't know where and how I should make the first step. But now I do know, and it's such a great feeling! I'm having a plan: over some while now, and I'm absolutely positive, it's going to work out just amazing! It has to! And while I work and dream for everything, you keep on watching me and my work and commenting and showing me, that I'm worth all the trouble I'm going through!!!

Thanks for everyone who helped me during these days of suffering. I really appreciate it alot!;)

xoxo your Grüni!
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Suffer in silence type.
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Happy new year everyone! :)

Hope it's going to be more exciting as the one that just ended.

But honestly, a bit easier and balanced would be gr8!! haha...
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It's said, that pain is the greatest inspiration. Sadly, it's so very true... Listening to a sad song and thinking back to the year that's going to end in 3 days. Everything has changed, everything is a bit worser than before. Of course also a bit better, but actually: I feel myself like crap at the moment. But it's the greatest inspiration, right? So sth good should better come out of it...
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Merry Christmas everyone! And a happy happy happy new Year!!

It's sooo cold now! I was so happy over the snow that I totally forgot about the cold that would normally come together with the snow:P I'm from Estonia, it's like -20°C there at the moment and here (only) -10°C but even though I ought to be used to it (also born in January), I just  reckon it's toooo cold for me! Nearly froze my toes off today trying to take some pictures with my mini-cam^^ But I survived. Sitting in front of the TV now and drinking hot chocolate, is good for my soul^^
I'm finally starting to figure out what this here is all about, and how one could get more watches and faves etc. I mean, for me, it's actually not important, that I would have as many faves as possible, moreover that I would get some critiques or comments that would help me move forward in my work! But as for now, I'm happy with dA, the ppl are very very friendly and helpful and I feel myself good!:)
hahah, okay, going to watch sth now and upload some pics^^
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It's funny how dA is becoming like a game to me. Gather points, chat with others and submit some pictures^^ But this far I like it:) Thank you for your *hint* for the forums. I'm a rookie, but proud of it actually^^

So, in one week it's already Christmas! And it was the first time it snowed here yesterday afternoon!! This was gr8! I literally GRABBED my cam and yelled at my sis: "Going out!!!" XD So, when I'm done with uploading and editing, I'll probably load up some first-snow-pictures soon:)

I'm actually quite thrilled to find out when I'll be bored from the "game"^^ Cuz I'll get bored quite quickly normally. But yeah, as far as it's as interesting as it's been this far, I like it here^^

Thanks everbody for watching / commenting!
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Well, here I am. Still astonished how quickly things can change. One day I'm sad and don't have any inspiration whatsoever and the other I'm full of enthusiasm and happiness!! Well, let's hope that this mood of mine will last for some time because I have to start with my portfolio for the Universities here!! Trying to apply for Photography, that's why I would be REALLY happy and really THANKFUL if you'd just leave an honest opinion behind, when visiting/looking at my photos! That means A LOT to me!!! Thank you!!

xoxo Grüni (aka ImSoCrazy)
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Ignore the ugly watermarks^^

I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment, going to spend some more time on those tomorrow;)

xoxo Grüni
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So, now I have finally started to put up more of my work here in DeviantArt. I hope I can get a lot of criticism and also, the positive opinions, for my works and see a lot from the other cool young artists:)


xoxo Grüni
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